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21 | NJ | love cats | hate u
hi i'm chelsey and one time i peed in niagara falls.
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~*bo burnham appreciation blog*~
The Animal Rescue Site

started to feel rly high and i didn’t know why and then i remembered i took a klonopin lmao time to sleep goodnight world

would it be rude to ask knuckle puck or real friends for free merch bc i starred in their music videos so like???? i feel like they should just give it to me lmfao i rly want that knuckle puck beanie

just found out a guy i dated in high school is gay which is so awesome tho like idk i always had a lil inkling but i am happy he is happy and doin his thing and is accepted for who he is good for him!! it was actually a relief to see that :’)